Agency has history of 'lacing up' for city

Special to the Gazette 07/07/2001

TAUNTON -- The head of the family that runs Allan M. Walker and Co. Insurance has community involvement down cold -- ice cold. Joseph I. Quinn, owner of the firm where son Michael is treasurer and Terrence is vice president, is the long-time coach of Coyle and Cassidy High School hockey.

"My son, Brian, was in hockey there in 1970, and they had just opened the New Bedford rink where they had a chance to skate, but they needed an adult supervisor, so I went down, bought the Sunday paper and sat in the stands to read it," Quinn said. "By the second Sunday after watching the kids I said, 'No, this isn't gonna work,' so I dug out my old skates and showed them how to run a few drills."

Two years later, Coyle and Cassidy was in the old Bristol County League and Quinn was full-time coach. Laughing about it now, he said, "They needed somebody with a little hockey knowledge who'd do it for nothing. I guess I qualified on both counts."

Now age 76, he's been for 31 years. And besides volunteering countless hours on the ice, Quinn and company have also, over the years, bought equipment and ice time for the team, though he modestly declined talking about the monetary contributions.
ŠThe Taunton Gazette 2005


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